Web development Vs Software Development: All You Need To know

Web development Vs Software Development: All You Need To know

Computer programming has developed at a tremendous pace that many of the terms used to depict various aspects of programming haven’t had enough chance to develop consistent meaning. 

For instance, web development and software development may sound very similar yet they are significantly different from each other. 

Both the terms create a lot of confusion, especially for people who are not from a technical background. Most of the time they interchange the meaning or consider both terms the same. That’s why it is very important to have a proper understanding of these technical terms as they play a very important role in the development process. 

This guide on web development vs software development is here to help you with all your doubts!

What is Web development?

Web development also known as website development, is the process of creating and developing web applications or websites that run online on a browser. It involves creating a simple as well as a very complex web-based application. In this frontend development is the topmost priority to make the web application more attractive.

So here are some points which are going to elucidate web development more clearly:

  • In addition to creating professional websites and application development, Web development also consists of other processes like web designing, content management, security, etc. 
  • Basically, the people who are responsible for website development and working with a top website development company are known by different names such as web developers, front-end developers, back-end developers, and full-stack developers, based on whatever their role is in the development process. 
  • Web development also follows a web development lifecycle similar to SDLC. 

Different phases of this lifecycle include:

  1. Content Writing or Management 
  2. Coding
  3. Testing
  4. Maintenance and Hosting
  5. Planning of Workflow
  6. Requirement Gathering
  7. Deployment of Code
  • Additionally, web development follows different types of models or methodologies to create new applications. These models help to design new applications by breaking big tasks into smaller ones and checking all the progress from start to end. 

Roles & Responsibilities of Web Developers

A web developer creates a user-friendly interface in the form of websites by using different programming languages. They build basic as well as very complex and interactive web pages. 

So here comes some responsibilities of web developers:

  • To develop testable and useful code. 
  • Designing user interfaces or website layouts by using HTML and CSS.
  • To maintain the process of web app development. 
  • Collaborate with web designers and developers to match the visual design intent.
  • Integrating data from multiple back-end services and databases. 
  • To keep updated with the latest technologies and new trends in industries. 
  • Improve specifications based on the requirements.

What is Software development?

Software development is the process of developing applications or programs that are computer coded in a specific programming language. Software applications are created by writing maintainable code. It means creating, planning, reusing, researching, developing, and making tasks easier. 

So here are some points which are going to explicate software development more distinctly:

  • Software development is based on the software development life cycle (SDLC).

             SDLC consists of many phases or stages:

  1. Requirement Analysis
  2. Testing of Application
  3. Coding
  4. Deployment and Maintenance
  5. Implementation
  6. Feasibility of Application
  • Software development helps to create a product with features that have been required and needed by computer software. 
  • Software development follows different types of methodologies or models for the development process:
  1. Agile Methodology
  2. The Waterfall Model

      3.   The Prototype Model

      4.   The Iterative Model

      5.    DevOps, etc.

Roles & Responsibilities of Software Developers

Software developers create applications and programs for both desktop and mobile platforms. Their developed applications allow the end users to interact with computer programs for various tasks and activities.

So here are some of the responsibilities of software developers:

  • Deploy and verify programs and codes
  • To design algorithms and flowcharts with other fellow developers
  • Combine third-party applications and software components
  • Estimate and gather user feedback to provide them with a better user experience
  • Troubleshoot, debug and refurbish existing software
  • Recommend and execute improvements based on the latest emerging technologies
  • Generate technical documentation for reporting and disclosing purposes.

Major Differences between Web Development and Software Development

As already mentioned both web development and software development, are used for developing applications. So below are the lists of some points to have a clear understanding of their differences:

  • The primary difference between web development and software development is that of their particular interfaces. 
  • Development of windows based applications comes under software development while web development involves developing web-based applications.
  • Software development has limitations in customization while web development offers a wide range of customizations. 
  • Software development does not need that much security while web applications require more security against viruses and malware. 
  • Screens have static content in software applications while web applications support both dynamic and static web content.
  • The prime focus in software development is on the logic and the algorithm rather in web development the prime focus is to make the application fascinating and unique. 
  • In software development coding can be done without scripting language but in the case of web development scripting is mainly required for developing apps. 
  • Software development applications only focus on the client side while web development is based on both the client and server sides. 
  • Software-developed applications perform better with simulation and database management while web-developed applications work well with multiuser systems.
  • Software applications can only be used on the machines where they have been installed but web applications can be easily accessed from anywhere as they have already been deployed on the server.

Wrapping Up

Well, There you have it! 

We have covered all the key differences between software development and web development so that you can have a clear picture in your mind of both of these technical terms regarding their roles and requirements. 

Now considering all the above points you can decide whether you want to opt for web development or software development and can also take the help of a custom software development company for the further procedure of development.  

Author bio– Amara works with the editorial team of DianApps, a leading company offering Flutter app development service. Exploring the latest technologies, reading about them, and writing her views have always been her passion. She seeks new opportunities to express her opinions, explore technological advancements, and document the details. You can always find her enjoying books or articles about varied topics or jotting down her ideas in a notebook.


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