Why People Want to Get the Canadian Citizenship?

Why People Want to Get the Canadian Citizenship?

Canada is said to be the heaven on the earth. People across the world always wish to get their citizenship. Some people live there as permanent residents, which comes under a separate clause of Canadian immigration policy. Others live there as Canadian citizens who, in contrast, enjoy several spectacular prerogatives and privileges. Many distinguished features of Canada attract applications for citizenship from even developed countries of the world. Before exploring the rationale behind this citizenship attraction of Canada, we should highlight some amazing and interesting facts about its geography and beauty. People love Canada because of its very limited population in contrast to its gigantic size by area. It is the second-largest country after Russia by area. Its population density is four people per square kilometer or 10 people per square mile. Here are the reasons behind people’s wanting Canadian citizenship: 

Openness to Jobs: All types of private and public sector jobs like SEO services are open to people with Canadian citizenship in Canada. In contrast, people with permanent residence in the country are not eligible for public sector jobs because of a high-level of security clearance. 

Freedom of Residence: Canadian citizens with their Canadian passport are free to travel abroad, to their native countries, and stay there as long as they want. It is not the case for people with permanent residence in the country. They are bound to stay in the country for at least 730 days which is equal to two year’s tenure, during their five year period in order to keep their PR. 

Right to Vote: According to Canadian immigration policy only citizens are eligible to vote in municipal, provincial, and federal level elections. 

Open to Politics: Canadian citizens are the only people in the country who are eligible to enter into politics and run office and a political campaign. They are free to run not only in municipal elections but also in the provincial and federal. 

No Deportation: Canadian citizens with no dual nationality are not entitled to be deported in any case. On the other hand, permanent residents are at the risk of deportation in case they commit a serious crime like seeking immigration illegally or being a security risk for fellow Canadians. 

Social Benefits: 

Canadian citizens are eligible to enjoy basic health facilities, education, employment benefits, and student government loan free of cost. 

Travel liberty: With a Canadian passport, citizens are free to travel to Commonwealth nations without tourist visas. With this passport, they are less likely to confront any trouble while re-entering Canada. 

These are some amazing and unique features of Canadian citizenship for its citizens. Canadian constitution values equality. Under the law, all men and women are equal in terms of respect, opportunity, and status. It practices great respect for different cultures and traditions. Though permanent residents live in Canada and enjoy some basic health and education facilities free of cost, there are many other benefits that they cannot. Content writing service is an amazing source to explore more about Canadian citizenship rules and regulations. 

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