Appliance repairs that you can try yourself

Appliance repairs that you can try yourself

Owning a home and maintaining it is not a simple task and breaking down of home appliances is certainly not a pleasant experience. So, what do you do? Panic and fret about things? 

NO! You have two ways to get out of the situation you are facing, one, you are getting an appliance repair service center contract so that they can come yearly once for maintenance and inspection of the appliances and also whenever an appliance breaks down, they can come around to fix it. The other way is to learn a few ways to do simple damage control. Learn how to do some simple fixes and then, you can see the difference.  

Here are a few hacks of how you can try some simple repairs by yourself. 

Clouded Glass Oven Door

Make sure that you are cleaning the glass panels of the oven door all the time. This will make your oven look great and new even if it is a 3-4-year-old appliance. You can do this by simply removing the plug, cleaning the glass door. It just takes 5 minutes of your time and you can do this during the weekend when you are ready to do your household chores.

Slow-Filling Washer

If at all your washing machine is taking forever to fill, then you may have a filter that has a screen filled with dust and lint. There might be some mineral deposits and maybe a little bit of debris. It is simple; you can clear the filter by yourself. Just watch a demonstration video or follow the user manual and you will be all good. Along with the washer in the machine, you can also clean the dryer that might have lint inside it.

Washing Machine Problems 101

If at all the bad odors that come from your clothes have left a smell, then that means that your washing machine is turning smelly which is why you can leave a mold or a mildew killing tablet in the machine after your wash. 

Additionally, keep the door open so that you can easily promote the drying of the drum fast. If your washer is not draining the dirty water after the load, then you need to check the hose or the pump of the machine. One of them is either broken or spoiled. If you get that repaired, then all your smelly problems will disappear.

How to Adjust Oven Temperature?

If you are unable to adjust the oven temperature, then you can just try to recalibrate the temperature settings. This should help you solve the oven temperature settings. If at all the controls are not working, you run by your people if they have not poured any liquid on the oven. Always keep the liquids away from the oven controls otherwise; they are going to trouble you. 

Clothes Dryer Problems

Does your dryer have a problem? Then you can quickly fix them with some continuity tester or a simple multimeter. You can also find simple solutions by reading the manual or you can find a good appliance repair personnel to fix it. 

Chipping of External Layers

If a little paint comes off from your home appliances, you can fix it in simple ways. You can remove those blemishes with the help of sanding and buffing. This can help in removing all the blemishes and those little spots. 

Ice Maker In the Fridge Has Stopped Working

You have to take care of your freezer just like you take care of your fridge. If at all your ice maker has stopped working, then you need to insulate the fridge once before winter. Also, you can call the appliance repair service if it is a serious problem regarding the icemaker. Keep your ice maker clean and wash the trays regularly by emptying the ice cubes from the trays.


Thus, these are some of the things that you can try and do. Most of them are simple repairs but if at all you are a bit worried about the appliances, it is better that you immediately call the appliance repair service center. They will have the best hacks for the smallest of problems.


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