Bir Billing Paragliding | Full Itinerary

Bir Billing Paragliding | Full Itinerary

Bir Billing Paragliding is one of the most popular adventure activities in India. It is located in the Kangra Valley in Himachal Pradesh, India, and is one of the top paragliding destinations in India. It is a great spot for paragliding enthusiasts and amateurs alike, as the take-off site is situated at 8000 feet above sea level and the landing site is located at 4000 feet. The flight time generally ranges from 15 minutes to a full hour and the views of the valley below are simply breathtaking. The best time to visit Bir Billing for paragliding is from March to May and September to November.

Bir Billing is also known for its thermals which allow for long-distance flying. It’s also a great spot for beginners, with plenty of instructors and tandem flights available. There are also many campsites, restaurants, and cafes nearby making it a great spot to unwind after a long day of flying.

Day 1: 

Arrive at Bir and check into the hotel. 

Visit the local Tibetan Monastery and explore the nearby village. Enjoy the beautiful sunset over the valley and have dinner at a local restaurant. 

Day 2: 

Begin your day with an early morning paragliding session. 

Afternoon, trek to the nearby waterfall and explore the nearby area. Enjoy a campfire in the evening and stay in the tents overnight. 

Day 3: 

Take a hot air balloon ride for an aerial view of the valley. 

Visit the nearby tea gardens and interact with the locals. 

Head back to the hotel and pack your bags for the return journey.

To reach Billing, the nearest major airport is the Gaggal Airport in Kangra, which is around 60 km away. The nearest railway station is Pathankot, which is around 135 km away. From the airport or the railway station, one can take a taxi to reach Billing.

For those looking to experience paragliding in Billing, there are several paragliding schools and tour operators which provide training and guided tours. They also provide all the necessary equipment like paragliders, helmets, and harnesses. Experienced pilots can also rent the necessary equipment and take off from the ridge in Billing. The main take-off site in Billing is from the Bir-Billing ridge, which is a 2 km long ridge. It is one of the most popular

Getting There:

The best way to get to Billing is by car. It is located just 25 km from the town of Bir in Himachal Pradesh. The roads are fairly well-maintained and you can easily get there within a few hours.


There are plenty of accommodation options in Bir where you can stay for the night. You can also choose to camp in the valley and enjoy the serenity of the mountains.


Bir Billing paragliding is the best experience in the world. The take-off point is located at a height of 9,000 feet and the landing point is at 8,700 feet. The area is also known for its excellent thermals, making it a great spot for experienced gliders.


Paragliding is an extreme sport and should be done with caution. Always ensure that you are flying in suitable weather conditions and make sure to follow all safety instructions given by the instructors.

Where to Stay:

There are a variety of accommodation options in Bir Billing, ranging from budget guesthouses to luxury resorts. Many of the resorts offer paragliding packages, so it’s worth checking out the different options before booking.

Paragliding School:

If you’re a beginner, it’s best to join a paragliding school. There are several paragliding schools in Bir Billing, offering courses ranging from basic to advanced. The courses teach you the basics of paragliding, such as launching and landing techniques, as well as safety guidelines.

Paragliding Sites:

Bir Billing offers several paragliding sites, ranging from beginner to advanced. The two main sites are Billing and Bir. Billing is the main site and is perfect for beginners, while Bir is the more advanced site, with longer flights and more challenging conditions.

Paragliding Equipment:

You can rent or buy paragliding equipment in Bir Billing. Most of the paragliding schools offer rental equipment, as well as safety gear. Make sure you check the condition of the equipment before taking it and always remember to wear a helmet and other safety gear while flying.

Paragliding Tips:

• Make sure you have the right clothing and footwear for the weather conditions.

• Check the wind direction and speed before launching.

• Make sure you’re familiar with the safety guidelines and know what to do if something goes wrong during Bir Billing Paragliding.

• Have fun and enjoy the experience!


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