The Craze For Perfect AP Test Scores In Physics And Chemistry- Is It Worthwhile?

The Craze For Perfect AP Test Scores In Physics And Chemistry- Is It Worthwhile?

The college is a learning environment and a step on the ladder to chase the dreams of life. A score on the AP or Advanced Placement Program test helps students get admission to an academic institution with a better environment and earn college credits to jump up the academic ladder. It is not uncommon to find students scoring perfect AP test grades in chemistry or physics without physics homework help from seniors. But the hard work put in is unimaginable. 

After talking to a few academic helpers about AP test scores and how to gain a jackpot in this exam, I learned some interesting information. If excellent AP test scores seem intriguing but distant to achieve it, tag along to get these essential details. 

What Is A Perfect AP Score And What Does It Mean?

APA tests score a maximum of 5 points if one answers all its MCQs and free response questions correctly in the exam. If one makes a perfect score on an AP exam, it indicates that the student has received all possible points in the AP test.

However, a physics homework solver suggests that a perfect score does not add value to the academic curriculum GPA in schools or AP score reports. Nor does it reduce the academic pressure on the student. It only shows the number scored in the AP scorecard as 5.

Nonetheless, it may help in college admission and inform the admission officer about more profound knowledge on the subject. The student may need less chemistry homework help and excel in the subject while pursuing the applied academic program. Also, it makes the students local celebrities for a few days. 

Does AP Score In Physics And Chemistry Have Any Value?

One expert who homework help with chemistry AP test pointed out that though scoring a perfect 5 is more of a hype; the AP test scores gained hold a lot of value in academics. Here are some benefits of participating and scoring high grades in AP exams. 

Stand apart from the crowd

Taking the AP exam helps students stand out from the college admissions process by showcasing that they have pursued the most challenging curriculum. In addition, universities look positively upon students who fare well in AP tests since performance in AP highlights a student’s commitment and aptitude to succeed at university-level studies.

Facilitate academic scholarship

An expert who provides Chemistry Homework Help Online highlights how AP scores can catalyze a student’s academic scholarship. The AP Program distinguishes high school students who have showcased excellent college-level accomplishment through AP exams with the AP Scholar Awards. Scoring 3 or higher on test scores can help students gain direct university or academic institution scholarships. 

Illustrate competence in a specific academic field 

A physics homework helper who tutors students for AP tests highlights that AP test scores help students highlight their competency for a specific academic program. The students can also show how suitable they are to continue their study in the subject they are interested in, which the present academic institution does not provide. 

How To Prepare For the AP Chemistry Test?

A Chemistry homework helper shares a few tips to score high Chemistry test grades in APA 

Understand the difficulty level and create a schedule

The tutor highlighted looking at the distribution of AP scores to get a clear view of the difficulty level and create a schedule to earn a great score. For example, in 2019, 55.6% of the students who appeared in the AP tests scored 3, while 11.8% scored the perfect 5. Thus, it is clear that AP tests are not easy to crack. However, the data also suggests that hard work, clever work and perseverance can help anyone succeed in the task. 

Spend on good tutorial resources

Another expert who provides homework help in Chemistry suggests collecting great online and offline resources. For example, most AP test reviews that are guaranteed and crafted by AP test examiners have the exact format involved in creating AP test answers and can offer detailed information even on the most critical topics. Thus, students can have the correct information to prepare for the test, reducing the chance of scoring fewer grades.

Draw connections between concepts

Almost all chemistry tests involve recalling the memorised facts and calculations. However, emphasising memory-based learning and reasoning skills is essential in this case. Learn how to implicate the formulas, calculate and apply concepts, and build connections with whatever has been learnt in the class.

Tips To Prepare For AP Physics Exam

An expert who provides physics homework help online suggested the following these simple tips:

1. Know all topics Covered

Know all topics covered in the physics AP test for the given year. Though the overall syllabus remains the same, a few modules do change. Learning these details makes a student confident in the subjects to study. For example, for AP in Physics 1, one must study the following topics:

  • Kinematics
  • Dynamics
  • Circular motion and gravity
  • Energy
  • Momentum
  • Simple Harmonic Motion
  • Torque and Rotational Motion
  • Electric Charge and Electric force
  • DC Circuit
  • Mechanical Waves and Sound

Similarly, AP Physics 2 includes:

  • Fluids
  • Thermodynamics
  • Electric force field and potential
  • Electric circuit
  • Magnetism and electromagnetic induction
  • Geometric and physical optics
  • Quantum, atomic and nuclear physics

2. Get a good calculator

Collect a good calculator that contains physical, thermodynamic and electromagnetic constants. It will ease finding the solution for Newton’s gravitation, light speed, electron mass, proton and neutron, etc. 

3. Understand and memorize the basic formula

Understand the reason behind each fundamental equation needed for the exam and learn them by heart to learn them quickly; divide the equation by categories. For example, electricity & magnetism, optic fluid mechanics, thermodynamic equations (i.e., specific heat), atomic and nuclear physics, etc., are a few examples.

To sum up,

Scoring grades in AP tests for Chemistry and Physics is not easy. But having the right resources, complete knowledge of the topics involved, learning the formulas and equations by heart, and understanding the concepts behind these formulas will help me gain high scores.  

Author Bio: 

Betty Williams is a lecturer at a reputed academic school in the UK. She uses her free time to supervise the physics homework help provided by an academic assistant service in the country. If you need her assistance, send your queries to


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